Your Next Successful Startup, Idea, Or Product May Be An Impulse Buy

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That exciting rush feels so good when we are right there, right at that register, or facing that ‘Complete Your Purchase’ screen online with our account information.I’m just going to get it! we say. Right after this purchase is in fact a vulnerable place to be. 

Only rarely do these purchases feel like a treasure and that is usually after a few nights of contemplation and possibly even regret. It takes others to point-out to us the WIN in our purchase – that is when we realize its greatest value.

One day, the ideas and projects you bring up to the team will be golden! Everyone is at that counter, ready to buy. Everyone feels pumped-up and good. The next day, you yourself or the CEO will treat it like an impulse buy; a purchase that is only good when it is avoided… And we know how vulnerable those purchases can make us feel. We feel like it’s better to dwell on an idea or a project before everyone checks-out.

But, what if only after you check-out is when the value of the prize truly reveals itself?

For a successful business venture, an entrepreneur, or a startup, it is a risk we must sometimes take to reach that golden moment or breakthrough.

– Vera

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