You Are What You Share

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In light of Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day  #smday celebrated on June 30th by social media enthusiasts around the world, I wanted to write this post and reflect on our sharing habits. We often hear phrases such as: You are what you eat,  Your behavior defines you, or Your actions are louder than words. Well how about, You are what you share on Social Media. If we take this to heart, then we are only as good as our last post, update, picture, video, or tweet. Would you have shared that last thing you shared?

Social Media is a tool and an avenue for us to connect to many people around the world, to share news, stories, and feelings that we may not have otherwise been able to share or tell. First and foremost, it’s a communication tool. One that we should all be grateful for. But with that power and outlet comes responsibility and discipline. Responsibility to understand what and to whom you are sharing. Discipline to recognize your audience on the various networks and your intentions for sharing. 

I believe we as a society are at that point when we recognize the value in the articles and news that we share. As well as the emotions, humor and fun in the photos and daily status updates. It is all in good fun. We even host the “no like” challenges to force us to comment and reflect more. But I am not telling you to be 100% serious and no fun on social media, I’m simply asking you to be conscious of what you are doing. 

As I always say, Would you have shared this with someone or anyone in person?

Remember, You Are What You Share! And don’t forget to have fun!

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