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About a month ago, I finally* attended the Tampa Bay Technology Forum Orientation (TBTF) and it enlightened me on why the technology community in the Tampa Bay area is so strong. We are truly a community.

When it comes to putting ourselves on the map, it’s our passions and hunger for information and connections that will help carve out the way to our treasure. TBTF asks “What can we do to help you?” not “What can you do to help us become a tech community?” Time – is just a number. Investment – in yourself, your colleagues, your partners, the community, education and students – on the other hand, is a forever lasting kind of value.

“It is vain to talk of the interest of the community, without understanding what is the interest of the individual” – Jeremy Bentham 

To further distinguish just how powerful this community can be, TBTF hosted a kick-off event for their new initiative, The Engine Network. The Engine Network is dedicated to those who make technology run and the kick-off topic was Trends in Modern Agile Software Development. We shared our experiences and challenges, asked questions, and created new bonds. 

TheEngine photo

A tech community is about entrepreneurship and growth, together. It’s about us building our cool products and always being supportive of each other.

Join TBTF for the TechTuesday event this week and find out for yourself.







*Because I have been attending TBTF events but never made it to the orientation until recently.

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