Reinventing the Sticky Note Workshop

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This is a hands-on workshop I presented at the BarCamp Sarasota Spring Conference 2013  Check out BarCamp Sarasota.

Description: “You will participate and interact using sticky notes while learning the process for reinventing a timeless tangible item. What made sticky notes so useful? Why are they still being sold today? Capturing and enhancing the original value and purpose of such an item is hard work. You will learn about the design process and the types of questions you should answer when reinventing timeless items into applications and electronic products.”


After outlining and discussing:

  • In one word describe what makes Sticky Notes useful – what is it about them that makes them valuable?
  • Sticky Note drawbacks or what do you wish you could do with it?
  • What is your favorite part about Sticky Notes?
  • When do you find it difficult to use sticky notes?

It became evident that to reinvent Sticky Notes into an application that would solve some of the outlined drawbacks or enable usage in more places or on-the-go, then we would have to let go of some of our favorite parts about Sticky Notes and what we feel makes them valuable and useful now. As a designer, you have to answer and face these questions as well as make decisions about what tradeoffs are worth making.

Now what kind of workshop would this be if we didn’t actually use Sticky Notes?


It turns out that we find it difficult to use Sticky Notes: 



Thank you to everyone who participated in this workshop! Your engagement was awesome!

I also presented on: Learning Agility – not just for leaders.”

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