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On July 15, 2013 I was invited to speak on an internet radio show Mojo Moments with host Barry Foster. Mojo Moments is aired on Monday mornings. Barry’s passion is to enable listeners to launch their week off with positive energy and Mojo. This show is about Inspiration, Motivation, and Education! When Barry invited me to speak on the radio show, the title or the content was not pre-determined. One of the only things we did identify ahead of time was the word of the day for that Monday. Our lively conversation and energy around the word journey and agility lead us on a path of discussing the topics of being agile and the journey to your passion. We also talked about aligning your passion with the current market needs, staying competitive and thinking about the business aspect of what you love to do, reflecting on your accomplishments, and the importance of building relationships among many other topics!

Barry and I truly had a lively conversation!

Word of the Day: Journey

Minute     —      Topic

9:25                  Join our conversation here about the journey and transformation of moving to U.S.A. from Russia.

14:00                My inner philosophy “Get Agile” and what does it mean to adapt to a new environment.

19:00                The attitude one must have to seize new opportunities and be agile.

24:20                How do you make a living at something you are passionate about?

30:20                Aligning your passion to current market needs.

34:90                Hear about my daycare business idea and seizing opportunities.

36:28                Identify your relative advantage and value proposition.

44:45                Building relationships.

53:25                A couple of hard questions I ask myself.

56:45                Final thoughts and key points.


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