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I debated about what I should post as my first blog entry ever and since first impressions are everything, it was a tough decision.


I decided to add a photo I took at the Perdido Pitcher Plant Prairie State Park. It spoke volumes to me because it is a single tree that is located near at the end of the dock in the water away from the rest of the trees. One might consider this tree an outsider, a lucky tree, or maybe a tree leader? What ever kind of tree it is, I believe it is important to notice that in order to be the best, you have to strive to be ahead of everyone else, but that does not mean by a lot. Just like the tree is only so many feet away from the rest, you only have to be that one step ahead of someone or something. When I took the picture at a different angle (also attached here) that tree is the only tree visible near the dock. It is a beautiful spectacle during sun down. Everyone should strive to be that tree in whatever they do. Be it a leader, manager, employee, student, teacher, team player, mom, dad, or child. What ever you are today, try to be someone’s special tree out away from everyone and everything else, yet within reach.


Anyway, it is a piece worth pondering over…

I am Vera and let’s get up and stretch, honestly, we sit at the desk for way too long ;)

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  • Anonymous

    Great first post, looking forward to more!

  • Steve

    Hey, I wanted to be your first comment…but will have to settle for 1st non-relative post. Your blog is sure to be highly successful just like you. GO VERA!!!

  • Tom Knaus

    The photograph of your "Sentinel Pine" guarding the dock and those who take their first step from the land toward its majestic stance should find solice in its out stretched limbs welcoming each to the beauty, wonder and comfort of nature, and perhaps giving them a place to look out and dream. The bends in its trunk show that it encountered adversity, as we all do, when we choose to step out and stand alone.

  • Anonymous

    You bring up a great point, Tom. I consider adversity one of the most important things in life. According to Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary, adversity is a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune.Everyone encounters adversity in their life and most of the time on numerous occasions. Adversity can place us on the right track, bad track, or new track. Just like the bends and curves of the tree suggest, we too, bend and curve to the difficulties that we encounter. Everyone???s difficulties are unique. Some of the synonyms listed for adversity are hardship, misfortune, misadventure, and mishap. All of the synonyms listed are negative. Thinking about it, hardship is necessary in life. Misfortune is hard to miss. Misadventure can be fun. And, mishaps are almost an everyday activity. What I am trying to say is, stepping out against the wind requires hardship and encounters with adversity. Without it, there would be no wind to step out against (because everyone would be doing it). Struggles and pain make us who we are. Accepting the possibility of failure or temporary suffering builds courage, and with courage, anything is possible. If life was a flawless systematic pattern of events, we could guarantee that all of us would be the same tree. Nothing would get accomplished if it was all so easy. At the end of the day, the antonyms for adversity are prosperity, fortune and luck???- VeraThank you everyone for commenting!

  • Steve Mars

    And…be a tree that stands tall as well. Also an important part about being a good leader, manager, student, teacher, etc.

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