Designing for MiiR (the world)!

MiiR (Meaningful, inviting, interactive, Reinforcing) is a model I created to best describe the necessary components and principles that make a product or initiative successful. In the Russian language pronounsiation of MiiR (meer) sounds like the word – World, hence the title ‘designing for the world’. This model is to inspire and guide enablers, product designers, organizational leaders, and others through the creation and implementation of new products and initiatives that won’t only occupy the market or an organization, but motivates and instills a new way of thinking.

Listen to Vera explain the MiiR Model during an interview with Architectural Concepts Podcast: User Experience Design (The MiiR Model) with Vera Polyakova

“Bett and Russ speak with, Vera Polyakova, a very passionate user experience design specialist who, as you will hear, clearly spends a lot of time thinking about what it takes to make software products more engaging. We touch on a wide range of topics related to usability and user experience. Of special interest is the MiiR Model Vera created.”


Presented as a Mini-Workshop at the Lean Six Sigma World Conference 2013 in San Diego, CA

Presented at Orlando BarCamp 2013

Presented at Tampa Bay BarCamp CodeCamp 2012

Presented at Sarasota BarCamp 2012

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