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Undeniably, this post is inspired by tonights season premiere of Suits. Great show, if you haven’t already watched it. In one of the scenes, Harvey points out to Mike that he is mad at him because he violated his laws of loyalty. Harvey says, “Anyone comes at you with any threat at all, you come to me. That’s what loyalty is.”

Loyalty. What is that? How does that feel?

Faithfulness. Devotion. Allegiance. Being true.

Your dog is pretty loyal to you. You probably also know that feeling of being devoted to your partner or your family. You may be loyal to a brand or a service, perhaps? Loyalty can also exists between you and your job, our co-workers, places, and ideas you come up with.

So ask yourself:

  • What does loyalty mean to me?
  • What am I loyal to?
  • Who am I loyal to?
  • And, do we share the same definition of loyalty? 

Earlier this week, Seth Godin shared a blog post on Basting the turkey in which he alludes to being loyal to your working team can sometimes require you to say “no” or “stop”. And if we are known for the projects that we get into, as Seth Godin writes, then do you have the balls to stand up and tell your team, to whom you are loyal, that the project you are working on is no good? In return, is that team ballsy enough to actually listen to you?

Loyalty can be so powerful that it consumes us. It can betray and take advantage of us. Are you loyal to something petty? And if you’re not, are you honorably returning loyalty to those who are loyal to you?

A two way street is sometimes long and curvy, but it always makes room for two. But, before you ever claim loyalty for someone or something else, most importantly are you true to your self? Are you devoted to you? Your biggest betrayer may be within you.

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