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Wow! How incredible is it to meet someone whose passion, excitement, and geniality just blows you away? Can you recall a time when you  met someone and their energy transformed you? After such a meeting, I usually find myself driving home, listening to great music, while my mind is racing with new ideas and thoughts about the conversation I just had.

We get goose bumps when we are cold or fearful, but also when we experience strong emotions such as nostalgia, pleasure, euphoria, awe and admiration. I definitely get goose bumps when I listen to a great song and the lyrics mean something to me, when I am watching an emotional movie, or when I hear a deep and inspiring story about someone or something.

The other night I happened to watch the show called The X Factor. It was the finals episode when the judges have only 4 chairs to fill in their category for the rest of the show. When Khaya Cohen sang, not only did she make me tear up but I was glued to the TV waiting for her next verse, and I had goose bumps! She was incredible! 

So why did her singing and performance give me goose bumps? Her sound was original; she snuck in variations of her voice  just at the right moments as if she was looking to surprise me (and she did!), one of the judges even praised her for her instincts; her face lit up when she sang and especially when she knew she has captured the audience; her passion, hard work, and many hours of practice were obvious. You will have to listen to her performance here.

Her passion, her talent, and her voice touched me. This is what I want to see out of the students I coach, the company I work for, and the work that I create. This is what I want to see out of everyone I meet.  My point is: Does your work give someone goose bumps? Is your passion and drive for your craft so strong that even the people around you can feel it? Have you designed or created something that, for some people, just undeniably and incredibly makes their day?

Striving for goose bumps,


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  • Kevin

    Great post. YES! We should all strive to live in such a way that our life unknowingly gives others goose bumps.

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