Don’t worry if the sun doesn’t come up…

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Good day,

I drove 6 hours to visit my family this past weekend. I listened to music the entire 6 hours! Towards the end it was a little exhausting trying to find a song I am not tired of hearing, but overall, I believe driving that long is very healthy for the mind. Not in a hectic traffic situation, of course, but a more of a highway/expressway kind of driving.  Most people spend their time on their phones talking to anyone that they can to scratch things off of their To Do list. Driving while talking on the phone, handheld or not, is very dangerous. It is a fact. Unlike talking on the phone while driving, listening to music is safe and relaxing. Your brain can tune out music anytime it wants to and you will find yourself thinking or venting about things that have been hanging around in your head for days. Personally, I rather listen to music while driving than to someone else talking. I hear people speak all day!  Plus, if I only have 5 minutes to drive, that is 5 minutes I could spend relaxing in my car by myself. And who has time to relax anymore?

So during my therapeutical drive I heard a line in a techno song that I really liked. It said (sang?): “Don’t worry if the sun doesn’t come up. You’ve seen it before.”

What do you think about this lyric?

Wishing you a great evening,


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  • Anonymous

    What do you think about this lyric? It is true, we have seen it (the sun) before. And, maybe we should not worry so much day in and day out. The sun will return eventually. Applying this to the everyday world, challenges come and go, only a better you remains.

  • Steve Mars

    Try living in Minnesota Vera! Here you absolutely have to think this way…we don’t see enough of the sun. It’s a nice thought…thanks for sharing.

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