Designing for MiiR (the world)

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This past Saturday, I presented a model I created for designing for the world, the acronym MiiR at the Tampa Bay BarCamp and CodeCamp:

  • Meaningful
  • Inviting
  • Interactive
  • Reinforcing

This model is to inspire designers. And improve design and user experience for websites, applications, mobile apps, and tangible products. I covered specific points in each piece of the model. I created this model from a combination of various psychology research and design principles, specifically those on human behavior, motivation, and social interactions, research on the diffusion of innovation, market research, and current events in UI/UX and social media applications. I also utilized information I learned from working in the training and development and leadership development industry in regards to human behavior and processes improvement.

Business Journal mention.

Coming Next: Here is a preview of my presentation at the Sarasota BarCamp:


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