Goose Bumps

Wow! How incredible is it to meet someone whose passion, excitement, and geniality just blows you away? Can you recall a time when you  met someone and their energy transformed you? After such a [...]

Why Lemon Wedges Matter

One day, I was eating oysters and crabs at a popular fish house. I personally love lemon juice all over my oysters and asked the waiter for extra lemons. He came back with a plate full of lemons. [...]


Undeniably, this post is inspired by tonights season premiere of Suits. Great show, if you haven’t already watched it. In one of the scenes, Harvey points out to Mike that he is mad at him [...]

You Are What You Share

In light of Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day  #smday celebrated on June 30th by social media enthusiasts around the world, I wanted to write this post and reflect on our sharing [...]