Transformation – Reaching further than your mind intended

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Every day is similar, just going on and on and on…

Is it all the same?

Think about your average day. Wake up, breakfast (the most important meal of the day!), go to work, complete various tasks, perhaps go to a meeting, eat lunch, finish some more work, go home, dinner, family time, homework doing (or checking). Sounds pretty monotonous, huh? If you really think about it, life is not all that ordinary.  

Examine everything you do with a grain of salt. Ponder about phenomena that you see in front of you unraveling each day. There may be something you are missing, even though you have seen it a million times. The least this can do is occupy your imagination when you are bored. If you do not enjoy observing human behavior as I do, at least observing your own behavior can be intriguing.

What can you do to thrive in this daily monotonous world of yours? Anything.

Talking to yourself is not crazy; just keep it inside of your head, please. Reasoning, on paper or inside of the mind, is healthy. Besides, you can go green by becoming proficient at reasoning in your head. The only stipulation is developing excellent mental imagery :) Which takes practice, and by practicing you will probably stay up late nights and in turn use more energy, so never mind that idea. Jot down positives and negatives of tasks you are about to endure.

Think to yourself: What am I doing? No, really, what am I doing? My purpose right now is? What was my most recent conversation about? What did they ask me? Why did they talk to me? How did I answer, straight forward or not at all? What did I learn? Cool… Do I have anything more to add now that I think about it?

You see, it is kind of a mind game, but it can definitely change your perspective on things that you thought were happening in front of you. You would label those things ordinary/boring/day in and day out happenings. Half of the time, we move so fast, we do not catch the simplest conversations or even comprehend what they were all about.

Think to yourself:  In this e-mail I want to portray this and establish this. I’m going to do it by writing this. Today was a different day because I did this. It stunk and I am exhausted but at least I had my apple or I answered this question accurately and helped someone.  

If you are really bogged down by your day it is also advantageous it to think about other things, to deviate from tasks for a little while and get back to them later. Just make sure your deviation is not completely frowned upon by your organization, like napping on the desk.

After each conversation, what do YOU walk away with? Adding cheerfulness to your hop can make all the difference. Now, if you are just not motivated and enjoy misery, then, I cannot help you.  Walks are important, they get the juices flowing. I too, command the workplaces that encourage healthy diets and provide endless clean water to drink, random fruits, and nuts. Just makes me feel better overall by simply being there. I think we all miss so much potential and freedom given to us every day.



There will always be waves of transformation in your life. You will have to constantly conform or change. Just do what you love, or love what you do. Have the courage to feel day in and day out.

By the way, no one can read your mind, so go ahead, say whatever you want (inside of your head). Or, leave a comment!

Happy Reasoning,

Vera :)

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