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For instance, you are seeking professional services for your company and the prospective provider does not send all of the necessary information you need to make a final decision. I agree 100% that a responsible business would give customers what is necessary to gain their business. Sure it is not your fault that the business is amateur, irresponsible, or simply made an honest mistake, but since you know you are missing what you need to make a possibly valuable decision, shouldn’t you ask for it? You can avoid future conflicts by simply taking the responsibility and requesting the information you need or want. So many times we take the easy way out. It is easy to blame others in a fast paced world. It is much convenient to snap.

We accept things as they are and then whine that the other party didn’t provide us with the appropriate information or didn’t do what they were supposed to. In the above situation and alike, you should definitely hold yourself accountable for not requesting the information or demanding the services you need. Another example is waiting for the auto insurance (of the at fault party that hit your car) to call you and take a statement to mainly offer you a settlement. Really it is not their priority to spend more company money on your damages; they have other claims to worry about and may not even care to call you any time soon. For your own sake and sanity, you are accountable for making those calls yourself. In the end it is your decision and well being on the line and you are only going to help yourself.

Sometimes we can’t help it, as we forget or are simply unaware of the information or services that we need. It is hard to maintain accountability in situations you are not an expert in – such as at a car body shop when you are not a mechanic (which happens way too often). We rely on experts and specialists to take care of the accountability and we trust them to provide us with theinformation, services, advice, and what ever else as it is necessary and appropriate. As we should. Our trust is in the hands of someone else. Someone else has to be accountable and responsible.

Are you scared? Don’t be. If we all take accountability for the things that we do, own our actions, and follow through on our word – then everything will be very close to alright. Say what you mean, do as you say, and own up to it.

I feel that so many leaders, big or small, take my earlier sentence for granted. Let’s make a new era of leaders rise this year: Accountable leaders. Accountable leaders are timeless. Do as you preach, and yes, it is possible! Stay accountable for what you are here to do. If you are leading an office or a country to greatness, authentic will pave the way, but accountable will persevere. Own up to your mistakes, negligence, and successes. Reflect what you moralize others to be.

Perfect can’t be and for that reason, sometimes it is inevitable that we accept the impossible and mistakes. A physician may be very responsible and accountable, but honestly, some things are just out of our control. Accountability can take the form of an apology and acceptance that a mistake was made. For instance, you arrive at your new job and expect that everything you accepted in the offer is, in fact, in place. Granted there won’t always be an elaborate orientation but at least your pay rate will be entered properly into the system. Wrong!… It may have been the manager, payroll, or a computer at fault, it does not matter, because all I want at this point is some responsibility and correction.

What I am saying here is take a moment and think to yourself if there is anything you can do to make your life easier. It is not all about who forgot what or who didn’t do what; what did you do? Stay accountable for what you do, and hopefully the rest will fall in place. That is the only thing that can guarantee that you did all that you could, to the best of your ability and knowledge. The remainder is in the hands of others and can be remedied. If you do what you are supposed to, maybe others will look up to you and do the same thing.

Owning it,


What is your reflection in the water?

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  • Steve Mars

    Good stuff, Vera!

  • bill curphey

    And to think I knew you when you couldn’t type

  • Steve Morse

    Vera, good refelctions in your blog. Interesting … is it norming to culture or just plain apathy?

  • Lisa Masterson

    Vera, Loved it!! We miss you!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I miss everyone too! And Steve – or both?

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